Management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint Ireland has announced its patron membership of Maynooth University’s Innovation Value Institute (IVI).

As a patron member, BearingPoint says it will play a proactive role in contributing to the development and growth of the IVI and its research agenda.

The IVI, co-founded by Maynooth University and Intel in 2006, focuses on IT management through industry-led, practical research for the establishment of a global standard for IT management.

The not-for-profit research institute partners with more than 120 global organisations and supports IT innovation across academia, government and industry.

Commenting on the partnership, Partner at BearingPoint Ireland Michael O’Dwyer said: “Both BearingPoint and the IVI help organisations achieve improvements in the value delivered by IT and help make sure the IT department is best equipped to meet the new challenges involved in enabling the open digital economy through the transition to digital-first services and platform centred business models.”

General Manager at the Innovation Value Institute Martin Delaney added: “The challenge for so many organisations is in bridging the ‘capability gap’ - where the availability of technology stops and the productive use of technology applied to the business begins.

“This is fast becoming a major differentiator between success and failure. The contribution that BearingPoint makes, in combining the body of knowledge that IVI has delivered in our IT-CMF with their consultative expertise is a major value generator for their clients.”

Global organisations including Intel, BNY Mellon, DTCC, BCG, Hitachi, NTT Data, Easyjet and Xilinx already partner with the IVI in Maynooth.

BearingPoint has a global workforce of 9,700 people serving clients in more than 70 countries.