95% of Dubliners are satisfied with life in the city, according to a new EU poll aimed at determining the quality of life for people living in European capital cities.

The Eurobarometer study shows that, among EU capitals, only Helsinki (96%) has a higher satisfaction rate than Dublin, while residents of Athens are least satisfied with their city, with 60% of people living there responding negatively when polled.

While satisfaction with regard to education and shopping facilities is relatively high among people living in Dublin, health, housing, and unemployment are viewed as problem issues in the city, according to the poll.

Dublin is in 17th place – among the cities surveyed – with regard to satisfaction with health services, while people living in Vienna are the most satisfied with their health facilities.

More than three quarters of Dubliners are happy with the financial situation of their household, with Stockholm having the highest satisfaction rate at 94%.

The EU study also found that people living in Dublin are very positive about the presence of foreigners in the city, with 89% of respondents agreeing they were good for the city. This was the second highest satisfaction rating among EU capitals, second only to Copenhagen (90%).

The survey was carried out by the TNS & Social Network in all 28 EU member states, as well as in Turkey, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland during May and June of last year.