Aer Lingus is no longer listed on the ISEQ index of Irish publicly quoted companies as of today - nine years after it first floated.

The company has also delisted from the London stock exchange today - the final act in IAG's takeover of the airline.

IAG, headed by former Aer Lingus CEO Willie Walsh, has paid out all the main shareholders in Aer Lingus - the State, Ryanair and Etihad.

Anyone who wanted to accept the IAG offer of €2.50 per share plus a five cent dividend had to do so by September 1.

The bigger shareholders were given a deadline of the end of July for acceptance but Ryanair decided to hold out on formal acceptance of the offer until August 18.

Ryanair made back all of the €407m it invested in Aer Lingus for a near 30% stake, plus a small profit. The State made €335m from its 25% stake in the airline.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad made a nice return on its investment - doubling its investment and walking away with around €65m.

But regular shareholders will not be walking away with such a gain - anyone who bought in on day one at €2.20 per share will probably be happy to walk away with the €2.55 offer given that they would have been nursing a loss on their investment for much of the investment period.