A new survey reveals that 100% of business leaders surveyed in Ireland believe that the UK should stay in the European Union, while 100% also believe that there would be a negative effect if the UK left the EU.

Overall, 86% of business leaders in Europe think the UK should stay in the European Union, with 11% saying the UK should leave. 

The survey, conducted by the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM, involved business leaders from 32 countries in Europe.

It found that 84% of European business leaders believe their country's membership of the European Union has a positive impact on their business, while 83% of them believe it has a positive impact on their country.

The main reasons given in support of the EU were the economic advantages brought by membership, the competitive position a united Europe has against China, Russia and the US, and the importance of integration, stability and unity in the current climate.

"This survey demonstrates the importance Irish business leaders put on the UK remaining part of the EU with 100% of them agreeing they think the UK should stay in the EU. As the UK’s closest neighbour in Europe it reinforces the strong bilateral relationship that exists between the UK and Ireland," commented Aidan Scollard, Partner at RSM Farrell Grant Sparks.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of The European Business Awards, said the survey results show that for the European business community the case for the EU is clear; with the benefits far outweighing the costs. 

"From a business perspective, people see the value in the commercial opportunities; from a wider perspective, stability and integration are key," he said.