A US group, which is lobbying against efforts by the European Union to harmonise taxes on company profits, hosted a seminar in Dublin today. 

The organisation called Americans for Tax Reform argues that the ability of countries such as Ireland to maintain low levels of corporation tax encourages innovation. 

The group is part of a broad coalition of organisations in Canada, Spain, France, Australia and Japan which lobby for countries to maintain autonomy in relation to taxes. 

It says it opposes any tax changes such as harmonisation proposed by the EU, United Nations or the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 

The seminar called "Should Irish tax policy and US business bow to the pressure?" was addressed by Ryan Ellis, the policy director of Americans for Tax Reform. 

Other speakers included AIB's head of treasury Donal Galvin, John O'Connell of the Tax Payers Alliance in Britain, Lorenzo Montanari of the US Property Rights Alliance, Christina Berechet of CIVISMO in Spain and Irish financial analyst Cormac Lucy.