The rates charged by An Post for delivering domestic and international mail have increased from today.

A standard letter sent within Ireland will now cost 68c, compared to a previous rate of 60c.

The rate charged on a letter being sent outside of the island of Ireland rises to €1, compared to the 90c previously charged.

Meanwhile, the cost of postage for a parcel weighing under 100g is now 50c higher; meaning it will cost €7 domestically, €20.50 to Britain and €25.50 to the rest of the world.

The rate on most other weight categories has also increased, though domestic parcels weighing up to 5kg will cost the same at €14.50.

In addition to an increase in standard postage rates, registered and express postal rates have also gone up.

The new rates are part of a price-cap mechanism agreed by An Post and communications regulator ComReg following a review of the company’s pricing structure.

The mechanism takes a number of factors into account, including the service’s cost cutting measures, the cost of business and consumer inflation.

An Post said that, despite the increase, its domestic rates remain below the European Union average.

It also said that the changes include an increase in the discount for meter mail customers, as well as a reduction in the threshold at which buyers receive a bulk purchase discount.