Aer Lingus traffic figures for May show the airline carried fewer short haul passengers than in the same month last year.

The airline said its short haul passenger numbers fell by 3.5% to 795,000 from 824,000 the same time last year.

But its long haul passenger numbers jumped by 20.6% to 129,000 from 107,000.

Overall, it total passenger numbers for May - excluding its regional operations - dipped 0.8% to 924,000 from 931,000. The figures include the strike affected Bank Holiday Friday which fell on May 30.

Aer Lingus said its overall passenger load factor in May was 78.7% compared to 79.8% for the same month in 2013.

Its short haul load factor fell by 2.6% to 74.6% from 77.2% while its long haul load factor crept 0.1% higher to 84.5% from 84.4%.

The airline's regional operations, which are operated by Stobart Air, saw a 35.6% rise in traffic figures. The service carried a total of 122,000 passengers in May compared to 90,000 the same time last year.