The level of engagement between mortgage holders in arrears and their banks is continuing to increase, according to figures from the Department of Finance.

There were 49,304 permanent mortgage restructures at the end of November, according to the figures.

That was an increase of 8,068 accounts since the end of August.

The total number of mortgage accounts in arrears fell by 1,230 in the month of November.

There was less success in reducing the number of mortgage accounts in arrears of 90 days or more.

That number fell by 367 accounts from 80,854 to 80,487 in the month of November.

Buy to let market still posing difficulties

The total number of buy to let mortgages in arrears remained relatively unchanged in the month of November.

At 34,246, there were nine more buy to let mortgages in arrears at the end of the month compared to the end of October.

10,316 permanent restructures were in place, an increase of 296 on the previous month.

This monthly monitor from the Department of Finance relates to the six main banks operating in Ireland.