Dublin has been ranked the 20th most reputable city in the world in a study carried out by the Reputation Institute.

This year's score of 74 brings it up from 30th place last year.

22,000 respondents from across the G8 countries took part in the RepTrack research which measures public perceptions of 100 cities.

The study looks at the the environment, administration and the economy of a city.

Sydney emerged as the most reputable city followed by Toronto, Stockholm, Vienna and Venice.

At 20th place, Dublin ranked ahead of such cities as New York, Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

London made it into the top 10 at number 9 following its successful running of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, which were key factors in the improved city ranking.

Edinburgh was ranked at number 7.

The cities at the bottom of the league were Tehran and Baghdad, which came in at 99th and 100th respectively.

"Cities are major drivers of economic activity and the success of Dublin, as a capital city, is crucial for Ireland’s overall economy" Niamh Boyle, Managing Director, Corporate Reputations said.

"Dublin is the engine of the Irish economy accounting for four out of every ten jobs, almost half of all goods and services produced and nearly half of Ireland's tax revenue," she explained.