Fewer people are putting money aside for saving now that at the same time last year.

According to the Nationwide UK (Ireland)/ESRI Savings Index, regular saving has declined across all age groups with only 32% of people saving regularly compared with 36% a year ago.

The proportion of people who are not saving at all increased to 46% in June 2013 from 43% the previous year.

The overall index remained flat at 86 in June but is down 15 points on June of last year as negativity about the amount being saved and the environment for saving affects all age groups.

"In the past year sentiment towards saving has decreased considerably as people continue to manage their way through austerity," Brendan Synnott, Managing Director of Nationwide UK (Ireland) said.

"The younger consumer is clearly not satisfied with their ability to save, presumably due to their on-going day to day expenses and reduced disposable income," he added.