Namawinelake, the anonymous blog which focused on the National Asset Management Agency, is no more.

The blog said yesterday that after three and a half years of existence and 2,700 blogposts it will give no more updates. But it added that its archive of posts will remain online.

These were on subjects including NAMA, emigration, bank-controlled hotels and political pay/perks.

Comments on the site have also been closed, but the body of nearly 20,000 comments will remain.

''I truly regret that I can’t continue something that has become more than full-time and has stopped me leading anything like a normal life,'' its author said.

The Twitter feed has now also ceased.

Independent TD Stephen Donnelly said that it was ''a bad day for independent media reporting in Ireland''.

''For over three years, Namawinelake has been the most valuable independent, online source of information on property, banking and the Irish economy,'' he said.

''This apolitical and anonymous website produced quantitative information and commentary that unerringly separated the substance from the spin,'' he added.