Credit to households was €101.9bn at end-December 2012, showing an annual decline of 3.4% according to the Central Bank.

Total deposits held in resident credit institutions by Irish private households was €87bn at the end of last year, an annual increase of 1%.

For the 12th three month period in a row there was a fall in the number of loans for house purchases - the annual rate of change in loans for house buying was -1.6% at end-December 2012. The Central Bank says though that the rate of decline has slowed over the last four quarters.

The outstanding amount of mortgage debt stood at €85bn at end of December 2012. The Central Bank says that 50% of outstanding loans for house purchase are on tracker mortgages.

Non-housing related lending accounts for €17bn, or 17%, of all on-balance sheet credit at resident credit institutions at the end of December 2012.