New figures from the Revenue Commissioners suggest that Irish people are drinking less than they had in previous years.

Alcohol consumption declined by 12.5% between 2007 and 2012 and has fallen by 19% since consumption levels peaked in 2001.

The report was commissioned by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland.

The current average consumption levels are at 11.68 litres of alcohol per adult per annum, which amounts to a decrease of 0.5% on last year's figure.

The study used data from the CSO Population and Migration Estimates for April 2012 and the Revenue Commissioners' alcohol clearances data.

"Consumption of alcohol in Ireland has been declining for over a decade," Peter O'Brien, Chairperson of DIGI and Diageo's European Corporate Relations Director said.

"Weakness in the domestic economy and the continued pressure on discretionary income are clearly having a negative effect on the drinks sector," he concluded.

"The level and trend in average alcohol consumption are important elements in policy evaluation and design. Average per adult alcohol consumption declined slightly in 2012 compared with 2011," commented Tony Foley of DCU, the report author.