2012 WAS A KEY YEAR FOR MOBILE ADVERTISING - Results from the big internet players are showing surging levels of revenue for eBay, Facebook, Google and Paypal from mobile devices. Facebook recently said its mobile revenue doubled, while Google and PayPal said they managed to triple their mobile revenue

Alan Coleman, chief executive of Wolfgang Digital, says people in the ad industry have been saying over the past few years that this year would be the year for mobile - and 2012 finally proved them right. Mr Coleman says it is important to note that mobile ad growth is not cannibalising desk top advertising but is simply extra demand. He says there is so many options for advertising online that companies must understand their target audiences. Studies has shown that people do the research on their online purchases at work, and actually make the purchase at home between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. People also engage in 'showrooming'' where they go to a shop, look and feel a product and then buy that product online. Mr Coleman says that a lot of online purchases are made on tablet computers whose users tend to be early adapters to technology and who may have a bit more disposal income than others.


MORNING BRIEFS - The manufacturing sector continued to grow in January but the rate of expansion was the slowest seen in nine months, according to the latest monthly purchasing managers' index from NCB. Exports grew for a fourth successive month but overall new orders fell after 11 consecutive months of growth and employment fell after 10 months of growth.

*** Just 43% of Irish adults have life assurance and the majority have little or no idea how much commission they are paying. The online insurance intermediary lowcommission.ie has published results of a survey carried out by Amárach Research on 1,000 Irish adults which tells us much about the lack of care and attention we pay to crucial personal finance decisions. The average commission paid on a life assurance policy in Ireland equates to more than an entire year's premium - 118%. When lowcommission questioned those who have life assurance 92% of them believed the commission they paid to brokers or banks was less than 60% of a year's premium.

*** British banks are caught up in yet another mis-selling scandal. Fresh from paying a multi-billion pound compensation bill to customers who were mis-sold payment protection insurance lenders such as Bank of Scotland, HSBC, RBS (the parent company of Ulster Bank) and Lloyds are now facing a further outlay of up to £2 billion. That is to compensate small and medium size enterprises which may have been mis-sold products designed to protect them against rising interest rates. The Financial Services Authority in the UK found that nine out of ten of these products did not meet regulatory requirements and that a "significant proportion" of customers should be compensated.