A judge in Boston has agreed that David Drumm's house in Malahide, Co Dublin can be sold to help pay some of his debts to the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, formerly Anglo Irish Bank.

The Bankruptcy trustee who supervises the case has already sold one of his homes in the US for $4m and has applied to dispose of his family home in Boston.

Mr Drumm bought the house in Abington in Malahide in 2003 but as the financial collapse accelerated in 2009 and Anglo Irish Bank was nationalised, he transferred the property into the sole name of his wife Lorraine Drumm.

However, Anglo Irish Bank said this was fraudulent and brought a case against the couple. The transfer was then reversed.

Now the bankruptcy trustee in Boston has agreed with all parties that she will sell the house

It is not clear how much they will get for it now, but it was valued in the past at more than €2m.

The proceeds will be used to pay off Mr Drumm's debts and it's not clear how much Lorraine Drumm will receive

Boston Bankruptcy Attorney Joseph Foley says it is all part of the strategy being taken by the bankuptcy trustee and Anglo Irish Bank against David Drumm whom they accuse of fraud

This comes at a key time in the bankruptcy case, Mr Drumm's house in Cape Cod has been sold for $4m and the bankruptcy trustee wants to sell this house in Wellesley where the Drumms now live.

This week the trustee has sent in a furnishing expert to determine how much the art, antiques and furnishings are worth.

Lorraine Drumm has told the Bankruptcy trustee that she intends to move furnishings no later than today.

It is not clear if that means the Drumms are on the move again.