Eircom has announced that it will spend €100m on the first phase of a roll-out of fibre technology to 100,000 homes and businesses over the next 12 months. This is part of a wider plan the company has to offer fibre to a million users.

Meanwhile, rival UPC has also announced plans for new jobs and investment.

Eircom plans to upgrade its infrastructure so it can offer faster broadband speeds to its customers.

The first phase, which will see fibre reach 100,000 customers, will be complete next summer, and Eircom hopes to be in a position to reach a million customers within four years.

The upgraded fibre network will be open to other telecoms operators. Last week the company said it would embrace internal reforms to boost access for other providers.

The company also plans to launch broadband television services, and pilot schemes will begin next year. These will include video on demand and social media via television.

UPC to add 50 jobs as demand grows

Communications company UPC has also announced plans to create 50 new jobs over the coming weeks.

The company already employs 845 people in Ireland. The additional jobs will range from customer service and sales to management and administrative roles.

UPC also plans to invest €80m in its fibre network to extend its digital television, phone and broadband services.

CEO Dana Strong said UPC was experiencing an increase in demand for its services from both residential and business customers, and had to increase its resources to match this demand.