Anglo Irish Bank chairman Alan Dukes has said that his bank will not require any further capital beyond the €29-34 billion range as outlined last year by the Central Bank.

Under the IMF/EU bail-out package, €35 billion can be made available to the financial system, of which €10 billion is expected to be used immediately.

Mr Dukes said that the €35 billion from the bail-out package would have to be used for the ongoing banking system - the banks that are remaining in business. But he added that the banking system would also require a further €15 billion.

Meanwhile, NAMA has rejected a report in this morning's Irish Independent, which suggested that Mr Dukes had said €75 billion would be needed to fund the existing NAMA activities and a so-called 'NAMA 2' to take more bad loans from banks.

NAMA said the overall cost of acquiring loans from the banks was likely to be around €37 billion.