Smiles Dental, a privately owned provider of dental care plans, has announced a €3m expansion which will create 100 new jobs and see ten new clinics opening up around the country next year.

The first of its new offices will open for business in Letterkenny in Co Donegal in January.

Smiles Dental was established in 2005 and now has a nationwide network of 13 clinics. It treated 100,000 dental patients last year. It offers all forms of dental treatment, from check-ups to cleaning, filling, whitening, orthodontics and cosmetic procedures. It employs 60 fully qualified dentists and 100 nurses and other staff.

Three of the new clinics planned for next year will be located in Dublin.

The company's chief executive Emmet O'Neill says that Smiles Dental's expansion - and the economies of scale it allows - means that it can compete very effectively on price.