The National Treasury Management Agency has revealed that its current chief executive John Corrigan has an agreed salary of €490,000 for this year.

While details of the salaries of the NTMA's chief executives have previously been kept confidential, Mr Corrigan has decided that details of this information should be published in the agency's annual report every year.

As the report for 2010 will not be published until the middle of next year, Mr Corrigan requested the agency to release the details in the interest of transparency.

A statement from the NTMA said that Mr Corrigan may also get a bonus as a percentage of his salary subject to an independent performance assessment. This could see up to 80% of his salary being paid.

The statement added that Mr Corrigan gets no payment for his role in the National Pension Reserve Fund commission.

Last week after a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Finance, it was revealed that the former NTMA chief, Michael Somers, received a total pay packet of €1m. As CEO of the NTMA he had received a salary of about €565,000, plus a payment as a member of the National Pensions Reserve Fund Commission of €35,000 and a bonus for his work in 2008 of €403,000.