5,000 consumers have benefited from the Government's Scrappage Scheme so far, the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) said today.

'It is clear that the Scrappage Scheme is yielding the results we had predicted last autumn,' SIMI Director General Alan Nolan said. 'We had predicted a win-win outcome but the results are certainly ahead of expectations at this stage.'

New car sales are up 95% on April 2009, SIMI has highlighted, and up 38% in the year to date. It estimates savings of 20,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions for this year, with 75% of all new cars sold in the lowest emission categories (A and B).

An additional €60m in VAT and VRT for Government coffers has been generated from new car sales even after subtracting scrappage refunds, SIMI said.