A report has found that the number of jobs created in Ireland through investment by foreign multinationals last year fell by 42% to 7,500.

The NIB/fDi intelligence monitor found that the number of jobs created worldwide through foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by 25% from 2008. Europe fared worse than average, with a 33% drop in jobs.

When the amount of money invested was taken into account, Ireland slipped from 21st to 23rd of 30 countries. China was top, the US was second and India third.

NIB economist Dr Ronnie O'Toole said the particularly sharp fall in Ireland was due to negative perceptions of the country after the rapid increase in unemployment and the deterioration in the public finances. He added that a strong euro did not help investment.

But the economist said Ireland's place in the index was still higher than could be expected for a country of our size, pointing out that we were ahead of countries such as Sweden and Denmark. Ireland attracted 0.7% of all global foreign direct investment last year. The Irish economy accounts for just 0.3% of the world economy.