Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has met his Northern counterpart Sammy Wilson in Dublin to discuss issues of mutual interest.

The meeting focused on the implementation of the National Asset Management Agency and related banking issues affecting both jurisdictions.

It is the third time since September last year that the Northern Minister has met Mr Lenihan to discuss NAMA.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Wilson said the banking sectors in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would play a crucial part in economic recovery. He said businesses and consumers needed to have access to finance at reasonable terms to stimulate economic growth.

Mr Wilson said the meeting had been very constructive. They discussed the implementation of NAMA and he sought clarification on issues relating to the impact on participating banks with a Northern Irish presence as well as local businesses that might be drawn into the process.

Mr Lenihan told Mr Wilson that a full register of Northern Irish loans being transferred to NAMA would be available shortly and that there would not be a 'firesale' of Northern Ireland based assets.

Mr Wilson said it was absolutely crucial that banks and businesses in the North had clarity on what the NAMA process meant for them. He said he and his officials would continue to liaise with the Department of Finance in Dublin to ensure that Northern Ireland was in no way unfairly disadvantaged.