InishTech, a new start-up company based in Dublin, is entering the market to relaunch Microsoft's software licensing and protection services.

The firm was created through collaboration with Microsoft's IP Ventures Programme, Enterprise Ireland and entrepreneurs Aidan Gallagher, John O'Sullivan and David Smyth.

InishTech has assumed full responsibility for the existing customer base and has acquired all rights to SLP services and licensed related intellectual property from Microsoft. Microsoft will have an ongoing minority interest in the firm.

The services offered by the new company will allow software publishers to license products that support and enable new business models and protect their software through code transformation and license compliance.

InishTech is the most recent company to be launched under Microsoft's IP Ventures Programme which was started in 2005 to expedite the commercialisation of new innovations development through its research and development investment.

'The establishment of InishTech as an Irish start-up company represents a significant milestone in the relationship between Enterprise Ireland and Microsoft,' commented Frank Ryan, the chief executive of Enterprise Ireland.

He said the firm is a 'prime example' of Enterprise Ireland's strategy to enable Irish companies and entrepreneurs acquire technologies from global corporations.