Income levy rates doubled to 2%, 4% and 6%.

Cigarettes up 25 cent and diesel up five cent a litre.

New asset management agency to take bad loans off the banks' balance sheets.

Early childcare supplement halved from 1 May, and scrapped altogether next year.

No increases in social welfare for the next couple of years, rates may be reviewed later.

The ceiling for employee PRSI will rise from €52,000 to €75,000.

New scheme to allow civil servants over the age of 50 to retire.

Income levy thresholds lowered, with the 2% rate at €15,000, 4% at €75,000 and 6% at €175,000.

DIRT will go up from 23% to 25%. The levy on non-life insurance premiums rises from 2% to 3%.

Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax will both rise from 22% to 25%.

Christmas welfare bonus will not be paid this year, while from May new applicants under the age 20 will have their dole payments halved.

A 10% cut in political expenses, while long-term payments to TDs will be abolished.

Health Levy rates will double to 4% and 5%. The entry point for the higher rate will be reduced to €1,443 per week which is €75,036 per annum.

Commission on Taxation will decide on how to raise further money from taxing or means testing child benefit.

A national infrastructure bond to be looked at to raise money for capital projects.

Ceiling for employee PRSI to rise from €52,000 to €75,000.

Enterprise Stabilisation Fund to be set up to help protect jobs in troubled businesses.

Stamp Duty trading scheme to be introduced.

A review of top-level public sector pay rates.

Petrol and alcohol duties will not go up.

Mortgage interest relief will now only be available for the first seven years on principal private residences.