Leaders of the G20 nations have agreed to pump an additional $1 trillion into the troubled global economy through extra funding for groups like the International Monetary Fund.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced an additional $500 billion for the IMF, plus $250 billion in IMF Special Drawing Rights and $250 billion to boost trade.

Mr Brown announced that by 2010, $5 trillion will have been injected into the world's economies.

Summarising the conclusions of the summit, he said they had agreed to set new international accounting standards.

They agreed that banking secrecy must come to an end, and information must be made available on request.

Tax havens not compliant to the new standards will be sanctioned, though details of the sanctions were not given.

The G20 also agreed 'new rules on pay and bonuses' in the banking sector, and that an international regime of regulation needs to be set up.