Technology company IBM is seeking 120 voluntary redundancies at its technology campus in Mulhuddart in north Dublin.

The company said its high-end server manufacturing would be moving to Singapore by 2010. An IBM spokesman said it was far too early to say how many further redundancies will be sought, if any, as a result of this move.

IBM said its technology campus had developed as a strong software and services location, and would also continue to provide low-end power-based systems manufacturing for Europe, Africa and Asia. IBM employs around 3,000 people in Ireland, and says it is still hiring staff.

Boston Scientific closing Donegal plant

Meanwhile, medical devices firm Boston Scientific has announced that it plans to close its plant in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, in 2010. There are also fears for 380 jobs in Celestica in Galway.

Boston Scientific said most manufacturing at the Letterkenny plant, which employs 120 people, would be switched to its Galway facility. The US company said opportunities would be made available for workers at Letterkenny to voluntarily move to the Galway plant.

Boston Scientific employs 4,500 people in Ireland. It said it was still 'strongly committed' to its operations here. It said the closure of the Letterkenny plant followed a review of the company's operations in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Canadian electronics firm Celestica has called a general meeting of all 380 employees at its Galway plant this evening. This follows a decision to reduce working hours last week due to the current economic downturn.

Celestica was the main contractor for Hewlett Packard in Ireland before that company said it was shifting manufacturing operations to Asia due to high labour costs.

This morning Celestica workers were reluctant to say too much ahead of this evening's meeting but they admitted the plant has been struggling in the recent times.

Celestica employs 43,000 people worldwide with 30 manufacturing and design bases.