Talks between the receiver at Waterford Crystal and two possible buyers are continuing today as the sit-in at the visitor centre enters its fifth day.

The South East Regional Authority has this morning called for urgent Government intervention in the dispute.

The chairperson of the authority, Michael Fitzgerald, says action is needed now to lessen the impact of a series of job losses in the region.

Meanwhile, Designer John Rocha has said he is very saddened by the situation at Waterford Crystal.

He said he had recently finished a prototype for a new design which was intended to be launched later this year and produced in 2010.

He said he had made a few requests to speak with the company's receiver but had been unsuccessful. He said this was quite upsetting.

He said he believed Waterford 'absolutely' had a future as it was a very well recognised brand internationally. He likened the brand to Guinness.