The cost of on-street parking in Dublin city centre is to increase by up to 20 cent an hour from today. The City Council says it wants to discourage commuter parking.

On-street parking spaces are now 90% full in parts of Dublin city centre. The City Council says motorists cruising for spaces are adding to traffic congestion.

Parking charges in the yellow zone - which runs from Parnell St on the northside to Ballsbridge on the southside - are now €2.90 an hour from Monday to Saturday - an increase of 20 cent.

Charges are also going up in the outer red and green zones.

The Council says the number of cars coming into the city centre is starting to increase again in recent years. It wants to discourage commuter parking and keep spaces for those on shopping and business trips.

The new charges follow the start yesterday of Gardai's Operation Freeflow.