AIB says it has completed its investigation into bank documents found at a former dump in County Cork.

The documents were found near Glounthaune in East Cork during excavation works for the re-opening of the Cork-Midleton railway line.

The bank said that a small number of documents and parts of documents found at the site contained customer details comprising either customer names, account numbers or partial account numbers or details.

AIB has now destroyed all the documents. It said most of the material had either already been shredded or had deteriorated to the extent that it was illegible, while only fragments of the remaining documents were readable.

The bank has sent a full report to the Data Protection Commissioner. It is also contacting three customers to inform them that documents containing some details relating to them were found and to confirm that this material was securely recovered and disposed of. The documents relating to these customers were between 20 and 35 years old.