The Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, has launched a public consultation document on a new national programme for sustainable transport and travel.

Congestion charges, workplace parking levies and fuel and carbon taxes are amongst the issues on which the Government are seeking consultation from members of the public.

Mr Dempsey said he was not assuming that congestion charges would be introduced under the new sustainable transport programme.

Minister Dempsey said he was not opposed to congestion charges but that quite a lot of work had to be done with the transport infrastructure before such charges could come on stream.

He said alternatives to people must be provided before any such charge could apply, adding that congestion charges could only be part of the solution.

He also said a change in behaviour from members of the public was central to resolving congestion problems.

Mr Dempsey raised a doubt as to whether an increased number of vehicles would be added to the Dublin bus fleet.

He said he did not intend purchasing another 300 buses for the city if he could not be assured they would be used effectively.