A report suggests that Dublin Bus is losing tens of millions of euro a year because of traffic congestion. The authors suggest that buses be given greater priority across the road network particularly in the city centre.

Consultants BDO Simpson Xavier have concluded that the speed of the Dublin Bus fleet at peak times in the morning is 36% slower than international comparative cities.

Currently the average speed is 12.9km per hour; down on similar surveys two years ago, and the prediction is that the problem is going to get worse rather than better. Dublin Bus has found congestion to be deteriorating, leading to reduced speeds, longer journey times and therefore lower turnover.

In 2001 congestion was quantified to have cost the company €34m. In 2003, that figure had jumped to €49m. In the latest report for 2005, it has hit €60m.

It is believed the costs of congestion will significantly reduced only by upgrading bus priority across the road network, with a particular focus on the city centre.