Telecom operator Perlico Communications says it is going to expand its fixed line and broadband services and enter the Irish mobile market.

This follows ComReg's recent move to say that O2 and Vodafone hold joint dominance within the Irish mobile market. Perlico says it has formally indicated its intention to the telecoms regulator to provide an alternative mobile service as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.
The EU-backed ruling places an obligation on Vodafone and O2 to provide network access to competitors, including Perlico, in order to challenge their market dominance in the mobile market.   

'We are confident we can replicate our existing successful fixed line and broadband model and push down charges within the mobile sector,' commented Perlico's CEO Iain MacDonald.

'This will deliver the benefits of competition to mobile customers in the form of more choice as well as significantly lower prices,' he added.

Perlico said it is currently in commercial discussions with a number of the current mobile operators with a view to commencing operations in the coming months.