The Justice Commission of the Conference of Religious in Ireland says it does not believe Ireland's infrastructure and social provisions can brought up to average European levels without taxes going up.

In its latest Socio-economic Review, CORI says that despite all our economic success Ireland has still growing levels of poverty, unequal income distribution, and growing social exclusion.

The review says that 900,000 people here are living at risk of poverty, and highlights growing inequality. It says that minimum social welfare rates are at least €50 a week below the target levels agreed to by the Government. 

CORI also claims the last seven budgets have widened the income gap between a rich person - on €50,000 a year - and a poor person - on the minimum weekly welfare payment - by as much as €310 a week.

The Review calls on the Government to spend an extra €1.5 billion a year on social provisions. CORI also wants the rate of corporation tax to the raised by five percentage points, and a new land tax to be introduced.