Euro breaks through £1.33 level - The euro rose to a new record of $1.3329 to the dollar in early European trading this morning, after hitting highs in Asia, as investors continued to focus on concerns over the huge US deficits. The pound also rose, breaking through the $1.9 level to reach $1.9025. The yen was trading at 102.15 to the dollar, the highest level since January 2000.

Gillette and Wilkinson cross swords over new razor - Competition between global shaving giants Gillette and Wilkinson Sword is now officially cut-throat. Wilkinson Sword has managed to slap a temporary injunction in Germany on Gillette over how it is promoting its David Beckham endorsed, M3 Power wet razor. The injunction means that Gillette must desist from claiming that micro pulses produced by the M3 cause facial hairs to stand up, giving a closer shave.

Colin Hutchison, European vice president for Wilkinson Sword, says Gillette's claims about their new razor seemed improbable to them. Their scientists examined the razor and found Gillette's claims to be incorrect. Wilkinson Sword decided to take the case to the courts, and in order to get a 'speedy' resolution, took the case to the German courts. Here the judge found in Wilkinson's favour and granted them an injunction. Mr Hutchison denies that taking the case in Germany was a 'soft' option, but says the speed of the German justice system was important for them.

Gillette can now appeal the injunction, but if they fail to do so, Mr Hutchinson says that Wilkinson Sword will take the case to every country in which they operate.

Airtricity announces new US pipeline of projects - Airtricity, the Irish company that builds and operates wind farms here and abroad, has announced a new stream of projects in the US which will contribute 1,400 megawatts of electricity in New York and in other states. Airtricity's chief executive, Eddie O'Connor, says the deal will mean a lot for their profits in the future. He adds that good support systems from government is available for renewable energy projects.

Mr O'Connor says that Ireland can become a net exporter of renewable energy 'if we get our act together'. He urges the joining up of resources on the two sides of the island of Ireland, and with the UK.

Dublin Zoo planning improved facilities - Ireland's most visited - pay-for - attraction Dublin Zoo has announced a new commercial director charged with spearheading the future development of both the Zoo and its sister wildlife park, Fota in Co Cork. Helen Murphy says the Zoo has addressed the two biggest visitor complaints of the past - toilet facilities and food. A new family restaurant opens next month which it is hoped will improve the Zoo's income by up to 10%. Murphy says her key job will be to spend the final €1.8m of a £15m punt state grant for capital development, awarded five years ago. She says the ticketing facilites will be totally redesigned which will get rid of the negative first impression of queues at the zoo.