Financial regulator IFSRA has published its latest cost surveys, which cover personal current account charges and motor insurance.

IFSRA says its second survey of personal current account charges shows that consumers can make 'significant savings' on fees and charges. It urges people to examine how they use their accounts to avail of these potential savings.

Consumer director Mary O'Dea says these savings may not be immediate, but can be considerable over time. She points out, for example, that some institutions may charge less for phone or internet transactions than for paper transactions.

The survey contains three different consumer profiles and calculates the total charges different banks would impose. For one profile, annual charges can range from zero at National Irish Bank to more than €126 at Permanent TSB.

The regulator's third survey of motor insurance highlights the impact that penalty points can have on insurance availability and costs.

It features six driver profiles, and for the first time, quotations for a driver with penalty points have been sought from insurers.

'You may find it more difficult to get cover if you have six or more penalty points on your licence', says Ms O'Dea. IFSRA finds that some insurers apply an automatic loading to such premiums, while others will review the individual case. The cost survey reveals potential savings of up to 58% for some driver profiles.