The President and Chief Operating Officer of Waterford Wedgwood, Redmond O'Donoghue, earned a salary of 393,000 euros last year, according to the group's annual report published tonight.

Combined with his annual bonus, benefit in kind and group pension contributions he earned a total of 810,000 euros - down from his 1999 total of 1.009 million euros. This was due to the annual bonus of 620,000 euros he was awarded in 1999 compared to a bonus of 305,000 in 2000.

The Chief Executive Officer of Waterford Wedgwood USA, Christopher McGillivary, was the top earner at the Group. His total earnings for last year came to 1.076 million euros - which again was a decrease on his earnings of 1.617 million euros for 1999. His bonus for 1999 stood at 929,000 euros compared to 474,000 euros in 2000.

Richard Barnes, the Group's Finance Director, earned a total of 584,000 euros, up from his 1999 salary of 471,000 euros.

John Foley, Chief Executive at Waterford Crystal, earned a total of 101,000 euros for 2000, the year he was made a Director at the Group.

Waterford Wedgwood's Chairman Anthony O'Reilly received a total of 64,000 euros from the company last year - the same amount as 1999.