The Department of Health has clarified confusion around figures relating to disability services announced in Budget 2022.

The issue arose following the announcement by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform in his Budget speech.

Under health measures, Minister Michael McGrath said that "an additional €105 million for disability services, including supports for school leavers and for people with disabilities inappropriately living in nursing homes".

At 2.14pm Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly stated on Twitter "We're investing more funding for disability services in #Budget 2022.

"We'll tackle waiting lists, recruit more therapists and invest in digital health technologies. We'll invest in more respite houses and increase personal assistant hours."

All of this was summed up in a graphic below the Tweet stating there would be €55m in new funding for disability services.

That is €50m of a difference announced by two senior Ministers within a short space of time.

Fifteen minutes later, the Minister of State with Responsibility for Disabilities Anne Rabbitte also published a tweet.

"Delighted to announce an increase of €105m for Disabilities in Budget 2022, which will further bolster the support and services for people with disabilities of all ages across the country."

To add to the confusion, neither the €105m or €55m figure emerged in the Expenditure Report which details departmental spending.

The Expenditure Report said: "An additional €65m is being provided in 2022 for Disability Services including €10m once-off Covid-19 funding.

"The increased level of funding will build on initiatives currently under way, including addressing the new cohort of approximately 1,700 young people with disabilities who will leave school and training programmes during 2022 and will need assessment for supports and services."

When asked for clarification, the Department of Health broke the €105m package allocated to Disability Services in Budget 2022 down.

€65m was described as "new funding", and this included €10m once-off Covid-19 funding.

One can only surmise that Minister Donnelly did not factor that €10m into the €65m, which is why he tweeted that €55m would be made available.

The department also said there would be an increase of €50m for Existing Levels of Service funding (ELS).

The department says the final figure is €105m which was referenced by both Ministers McGrath and Rabbitte.

€65m of new money falls far fall short of the Disability Capacity Review which was published by the Department of Health in July.

The report - which is essentially the Government's own evidence - showed that a minimum €350m additional revenue funding would be required in 2022 to meet lower end estimates to fund services.

The Capacity Review signaled that the crisis being experienced by people with disabilities needed to be actioned in Budget 2022.

It quantified very serious levels of unmet need and highlighted the required investment to adequately support people with disabilities over the coming years.