European Council President Charles Michel has called on London to vote on a proposed Brexit agreement as soon as possible following British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's electoral victory.

Mr Michel made the remarks upon his arrival at the European Union summit in Brussels.

"We expect as soon as possible a vote by the British Parliament on the withdrawal agreement. It's important to have clarity as soon as possible. We are ready, the European Union will negotiate in order to have a close co-operation in the future with the UK", he said.

The EU aims to build a strong strategic relationship with the UK but not at the expense of its own interests, Michel said later on the same day during the wrap-up press conference of the two-day summit.

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Co-chairing the press conference with Mr Michel, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, made it clear that the EU will have three aims in talks on the future relationship with the UK: "Zero tariffs, zero quotas and zero dumping" adding that the time frame is challenging for post-Brexit trade deal negotiations.

"The time frame ahead of us is very challenging. We will have to work as soon as possible. We will be ready to get the most out of the short period available", she told reporters.

The EU is now ready to move to the next step of its relationship with the UK, said Ms von der Leyen, noting that she wants this future relationship to be "as close as possible".

"We want our future relationship to be as close as possible in full respect of our principles. The United Kingdom, yes, will become a third country, but at the very end, we will have an unprecedented partnership. This is not the end of something. This is the beginning of excellent future relations between good neighbours", she said. 

Mr Johnson has vowed to demolish the three-year stalemate over Brexit and end Britain's membership of the EU on 31 January 2020.

Ahead of that he aims to present his Brexit deal to the Houses of Parliament before Christmas.

Mr Johnson's aim is to then reach a future permanent trading relationship with Brussels by the end of 2020.

Meanwhile, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has vowed to be "not too far away from the action" after Mr Johnson led the Conservatives to victory at the polls.

The Tories will hold an 80-seat majority when parliament resumes and Mr Johnson said his party's MPs have an "overwhelming mandate... to get Brexit done and we will honour that mandate by 31 January".

But Mr Farage, whose party contested 275 seats and took 2% of votes but won no seats, wrote in The Daily Telegraph that pressure would have to be reapplied if Mr Johnson does not live up to his promise of getting Brexit done.

He added he was now concerned with the form of Britain's departure from the bloc, rather than whether Brexit would take place at all.

He wrote: "The truth is that the threat from the Brexit Party, together with the influence of the European Research Group in parliament, has disappeared for the time being.

"Questions over the future shape of Brexit and Britain's place in the world are now entirely in the hands of Johnson.

"With half of his Cabinet having voted Remain, and substantial global pressures on him, it will be tempting for him to pursue the easy option of a soft Brexit."

The former Ukip leader, who did not stand at the general election, added that he thought his work had been completed in June 2016 when 51.8% of voters opted to Leave.

He said: "Having endured three elections in the last 30 months, let us hope the country can look forward to a prolonged period of political stability and certainty.

"Whatever happens over the coming months, I will make sure I am not too far away from the action. The fact is that if Brexit does not 'get done', as Johnson has promised repeatedly over the last six weeks, pressure will have to be reapplied."

Additional reporting: PA