There has been a significant increase in violent and serious crime in the past year, according to the latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office.

Homicide and related offences were up 30% with 69 people dying in suspicious and violent circumstances last year.

Attempted murder, assault and related offences were up 17%, while burglaries increased by 10%.

Robbery, extortion and hijacking offences increased by 19% last year, while thefts rose by 41% to 65,986 incidents - the highest rate of increase in any crime category.

There were increases in 11 of the 15 serious crime categories last year, including weapons offences, kidnapping, and sexual offences - which increased 6%.

The most significant reduction was in fraud crime, which fell by 32% or 5,461 last year, when compared to 2021. In the last three months of last year, it was down 56% when compared to the previous year.

Controlled drugs offences were down by 13%, while dangerous or negligent acts were down 1%.

The CSO continues to publish the figures "under reservation" which means it is not completely confident in the data from the Garda PULSE system.

Today's figures reflect similar patterns reflected in the provisional garda crime figures released earlier this month.