The constitutional future of the island of Ireland was being considered in the Seanad today.

Participants from both Northern Ireland and the Republic participated in what was called the Seanad Public Consultation.

It was the inaugural meeting of the Seanad Public Consultation, which is charged with examining the aspirations and priorities surrounding the constitutional future of the island of Ireland and how public policy can influence it.

This morning's session in the Seanad chamber focused on engaging with young people, while the afternoon session heard from communities from both sides of the border.

Among the participants were Free Presbyterian Reverend Kyle Paisley, son of former First Minister Ian Paisley, and Pat McArt, the former editor of the Derry Journal.

Committee Rapporteur Senator Mark Daly welcomed the participation of young people today, saying they have more to gain and more to lose than any other generation.

"Their perspective is critical to this consultation."