Politically controversial regulations around the sale of turf will be discussed by Government party leaders tonight.

Earlier this year, draft regulations sparked fury within Government and more than a dozen rural TDs threatened to oppose them.

Under the latest plan people with turf cutting rights can continue to cut turf for their own use.

They will also be able to sell or gift it through what are termed 'traditional channels".

However, from next autumn turf would no longer be sold on retail premises while advertising online and in newspapers would not be permitted either.

The turf regulations are part of a wider move to end the sale of smoky coal.

The Government said there is evidence to show that the burning of solid fuels is a major contributor to air pollution.

Air pollution causes between 1,300 and 1,400 deaths every year.

The regulations, which have been worked on since 2013, could go to Cabinet tomorrow for approval.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan will tell colleagues these measures aim to strike a sensible balance between protecting public health and allowing people continued access to traditional forms of fuel.