Around 50,000 people are due to depart on flights from Dublin Airport today on its busiest weekend of the year since the pandemic.

A similar number is expected tomorrow and on Monday.

Yesterday, another 51,000 people departed the airport.

Airport operator daa said operations flowed well and that most people cleared security in under 45 minutes.

It has repeated its advice to intending passengers to arrive two-and-a-half hours before departure for short-haul flights and three-and-a-half hours for long-haul flights.

Intending passengers are urged to establish airline check-in times in advance of their travels and adjust their plans accordingly.

The daa also addressed the problem facing passengers who have not been able to reclaim their luggage.

It said baggage return is handled by individual airlines but that it is liaising with them about the delays that stem from staffing shortages.

Earlier, a spokesperson for daa said: "It is a busy Saturday morning at Dublin Airport but things are moving well at security screening in both terminals, as they have done since the busy first wave of flights this morning."

"The median queue times are currently at 21 minutes for T1 and 34 minutes in T2," according to the spokesperson.

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