A new survey of financial services employees shows that 88% of respondents say they would like to work from home some of the time.

Just over 70% said their employer did not provide financial support for costs associated with working from home.

More than one third of respondents did not believe that working from home had resulted in decreased career opportunities, while 22% reported that it did reduce career opportunities.

The survey was carried out by the Financial Services Union in partnership with University of Limerick.

More than 1,000 union members responded to the study, which was conducted during Covid-19 restrictions in 2021.

The report's authors say the findings indicate a strong desire for remote working, but also highlights employee concerns on costs and career opportunities.

"The Financial Services Union will be contacting each of the main retail banks requesting urgent meetings to address these issues and we will be writing to Government to request a review of the code of practice for the right to disconnect," said FSU General Secretary John O'Connell.

Dr Michelle O’Sullivan of the Kemmy Business School at University of Limerick said the research points to several issues that employers should prioritise to improve the experience of remote working work.

"These include a home working allowance for the costs of remote working," she said.

Dr O'Sullivan said the study also highlights the need for career progression frameworks to ensure employees who work remotely do not feel disadvantaged.