Post Leaving Cert colleges are receiving an increased number of enquiries this year because of a rise in points required for university courses.

Students who are disappointed with their results or college offers are being encouraged to look at all their options.

At Dunboyne College of Further Education, Principal Denis Leonard said a wide range of people look to PLCs every year.

"People come here because maybe they were disappointed on Tuesday. But many more people come because they need that extra year to look at what their options are. Maybe they don’t feel ready for college, maybe they’re a mature learner," he explained.

In 2020, CAO figures show over 90% of students who graduated from Dunboyne College and applied for third level places received at least one offer.

The bulk of these offers were for Maynooth University but others were offered places in DCU, UCD, Trinity College Dublin and TU Dublin.

Mr Leonard said it is important that disappointed students realise that there are lots of ways to achieve what they want.

"If we all decided to go to Cork today, some of us might go by bus, some of us by car, some by train but we’d all get there this evening.

"It doesn’t make a difference how you get to your goal, whether you go directly into higher education, or whether you come to through our system here at further education and then move on after a year or whether you go back as a mature learner. Never give up on your dream, that’s the important thing" said Mr Leonard.

Jessica Moriarty is a PE and Irish Teacher at Loreto Secondary School in Navan, Co Meath. She didn’t get the points needed for the university course she applied for but completed a PLC course in Dunboyne and went on to UCC to study PE teaching.

"I was devastated at the time when I didn’t get the points I needed but I also didn’t realise what Dunboyne had on offer. Through them I was fortunate to get a place in UCC. Not only did they get me into university but they set me up for success when I got there.

The teacher from Kiltale in Co Meath has this advice for students who may be disappointed this week.

"Points don’t always mean a place. There’s so many ways you can get a place on your course. Just because the CAO didn’t work out this week doesn’t mean that’s the final draw. It means that you now look into something else. It’s not the end" she said.