This week we are shining a light on some of Ireland's most inspiring teenagers in our 'Quaran-teen' series of reports. They tell us about their experiences and stories of navigating life through the pandemic.

Coffee trucks and trailers have become a feature of pandemic life, as more and more businesses adapted to the changed times.

But how many of these outdoor coffee options are run by teenagers?

16-year-old Maria Ledwith has been brewing up a storm with her "Elm" coffee trailer in Granard, Co Longford.

Maria Ledwiith making coffee in her coffee trailer

She launched the business after struggling to find a summer job earlier this year.

She explained: "Rural Ireland is small, and even though Granard is a busy town, there's just not enough part-time work. I saw that and thought, what could be better than being your own boss?"

Maria spoke to her parents about opening a coffee trailer.

"I had always said there was a huge opening for a coffee trailer in Granard. So, after many meetings at the kitchen table, we picked up a trailer from a man in Longford who wasn't using it. I then contacted local tradespeople and we got them in to refurbish it. I just felt like it was nicer to include people in the community."

At the time, Maria was coming to the end of a disrupted Transition Year at Ardscoil Phádraig in Granard and had a lot of time to think about business ideas.

She said: "If it had been an ordinary year, Transition Year would have been a lot busier for me and I probably wouldn't have had as much time to think about these things. It was a hard year to keep motivated, but since we started the trailer, I have been flat out."

Elm Coffee trailer at Fresh Today in Granard, Co Longford

Maria employs two members of staff - her mother and her friend.

"It’s a really nice feeling to be able to give people a job and give people a chance who may never have had a job. As a teenage business owner, I just feel like it’s such a huge opportunity. Since I’ve started, my confidence has grown a lot."

The enterprising teen returns to school this week.

She will continue to work weekends and has hired extra staff to run the coffee trailer during the week.

She said: "Ultimately, I want to go to college. But I think this shows that if you have an idea and you get the right people around you, you can do anything."

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