The jury in the trial of five people accused of the abuse and exploitation of three children will resume its deliberations tomorrow.

Those on trial include the parents, uncles and an aunt of the children. Between them, they face a total of 78 charges.

The charges include rape, sexual assault and exploitation.

All five deny the charges.

The parents are also charged with wilful neglect of five of their children.

The trial began in late May at a temporary courtroom in Croke Park with the testimony of three children who are now aged 14,12 and 11.

They said they had been repeatedly sexually abused by family members.

The trial heard that the family came to the attention of Tusla in 2011 and five children were taken into care in 2016 for reasons of neglect.

In the months that followed, allegations emerged from three of the children about sexual abuse at their former home.

The children's mother admitted to gardaí after her arrest that her children had been sexually abused by her and other family members.

However, her defence counsel said she has a mild intellectual disability and felt intimidated by the interview process.

The trial judge told the jury the woman's admissions could not be used against any of the other accused.

All of the accused deny the charges.

The defence said it was not credible that such abuse could have taken place while the family was under intense scrutiny by social workers.

In his charge to the jury, Mr Justice Paul McDermott said while the allegations they heard were of the most disturbing kind, their judgement must be rooted in the facts of the case and not in emotion.