The US National Park Service has issued an updated flyer as part of its efforts to locate a 27-year-old Dublin man who went missing from a hiking trail in Wyoming last month.

Cian McLaughlin was last seen in Grand Teton National Park on 8 June and an extensive search operation was launched following his disappearance.

The Park Service said overnight that no new information has been reported about Mr McLaughlin and that it continues to appeal for the public's assistance.

An updated flyer has been issued with details of the items that he had with him when he was last seen.

These include a red Apple watch, a red iPhone 12 Mini, a white short sleeve t-shirt and wire-rimmed sunglasses.

The flyer states that Mr McLaughlin is also believed to have been wearing a hat, shorts and hiking boots.

Cian McLaughlin’s car was found parked near the Lupine Meadows trail head at Grand Teton National Park and a witness said they saw him on a trail making his way south towards Taggart Lake.

They had a conversation in which Mr McLaughlin described where he worked, that he is from Ireland, and currently living in Jackson.

After days of searching, the US Park Service said last month that it was scaling back the operation but would investigate new clues as they come forward.

Grand Teton National Park is 70km long and 40km wide and comprises more than 300,000 acres of mountainous land with lakes and rivers.