New searches have been carried out by teams looking for a 27-year-old Dublin man who went missing from a hiking trail in Wyoming.

Cian McLaughlin was last seen in Grand Teton National Park on 8 June.

A resident of Jackson, Wyoming, who recently returned from an international trip, has come forward with new information and reported seeing Mr McLaughlin on the day he went missing.

The witness said they saw him in the late afternoon/early evening on a trail on the south side of the Bradley/Taggart moraine and that he was making his way south towards Taggart Lake.

The witness had a conversation with Mr McLaughlin where he described where he worked, that he is from Ireland, and currently living in Jackson.

As a result of this new information, park staff made additional search efforts around Bradley Lake and Taggart Lake.

Park staff also searched the Phelps Lake area, which Mr McLaughlin reportedly likes to visit.

No evidence or clues of his whereabouts were identified.

Last week, the US Park Service announced that it was scaling back the search for Mr McLoughlin.

"After days of extensive ground and aerial efforts, the search for Cian McLaughlin will shift tactics to a continuous, but limited mode. New clues will be investigated as they come forward. Park staff will continue to patrol the back country and search for signs of Mr McLaughlin's whereabouts," the Park Service said.

Grand Teton National Park is 70km long and 40km wide and comprises more than 300,000 acres of mountainous land with lakes and rivers.