A 22-year-old woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was a passenger in a car driven by her father has settled her High Court action for €15 million.

Monika Kazinska was just 12 years old when the accident happened 2km from her home in Cappoquin in Co Waterford, two days before Christmas 2011.

They had dropped her friend home from a sleepover and Ms Kazinska was a front-seat passenger when the car collided head on with a pick-up truck.

The pick-up truck was on the correct side of the road at the time.

Senior Counsel Dr John O'Mahony said Ms Kazinska had suffered horrific injuries in the collision. She was tetraplegic and confined to a wheelchair.

Her father, Marcin Rafal Kazinski, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm and to drink driving.

Although he had not drunk alcohol on the day of the accident, he had drunk heavily the day before and when he was breathalysed, he was three times over the legal limit. The accident happened shortly after noon on 23 December 2011.

Mr Kazinski was given a four-year suspended sentence at the Circuit Criminal Court and ordered to do 240 hours community service.

He was disqualified from driving for ten years, later reduced to three years after the Court of Appeal heard it was making the task of sharing responsibility for Ms Kazinska's care more difficult.

That court also heard there was a suggestion the accident had happened when Mr Kazinski turned to speak to his daughter, who was not wearing a seatbelt.

Dr O’Mahony said the settlement would give a solid and safe future to Ms Kazinska. He praised the heroic work done by her mother in caring for her daughter.

President of the High Court Ms Justice Mary Irvine said her job was to make sure the settlement would give Ms Kazinska the life and dignity she deserved.

She said it would give her the greatest amount of independence and dignity she could possibly have.

The judge said she hoped Ms Kazinska would get to do all the things she loved like swimming, horse riding and attending an Ed Sheeran concert.

She spoke personally to Ms Kazinska and to her mother before they left court.