A garda investigation is under way in Co Cork following the discovery of a car that it is believed could be linked to a person who has been missing for almost 20 years.

Efforts are being made this evening to remove the car which was found submerged in waters close to the Hugh Coveney Pier in Crosshaven.

The car was discovered yesterday by a team of divers from the Cork City Missing Persons Search & Rescue Group (CCMPSR) during a training exercise.

Gardaí were alerted and the busy pier was cordoned off.

Members of the Garda Water Unit arrived at the site this afternoon, and this evening began preparations to aid lifting the car. A crane and a car transporter are on standby.

The CCMPSR divers, using a new side-scanning sonar device, found the car in silt close to the pier and reported their discovery to gardaí, who have since launched an investigation.

Water in the area reaches depths of just over nine metres at high tide and depths of just over four metres at slack tide.

Details of the make and model of the car are not being released out of respect to relatives and friends of the missing person.

The family of a missing person are at the scene.